Jala began Belly Dancing more than a decade ago and its joys never cease to amaze her.  With a deep interest in Anthropology, Belly Dance gives her an opportunity to experience rich culture and connect with people even without words.  Jala made a performance DVD, Okhtee, with her sister Narah; you can purchase the DVD and view a sample clip on the market place page

Jala's enthusiasm for natural health, her background in Medical Laboratory Sciences, and her Pilates and Yoga practices combine for a deep understanding of the body and people as a Whole.  Jala greatly enjoys sharing Belly Dance and all that it has to offer.  The Earth Movement Studio is very excited to have her teaching there!  Her new classes start September 6th, 2006.  Sign up by filling out the registration form and paying for at least one class.  You can contact Narah at 304-276-DANC with questions.

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