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Aba or What to wear as a cover up or for Warmth


Diagram from an old Veil and Drum article. (designed areas represent trim or other decorative fabric) Author?? 



Narah’s notes:  essentially, this is 4 rectangles sewn together (or 2 rectangles for the front and one large square in the back using about 60” fabric), with the front left open and the sides sewn together, leaving an opening for the arms/hands to come out the sides.  The neckline is a small “v” in the front, and a small scoop in the back.  To line, sew up the shell as if you were not lining it; sew up the lining the same way;  put the right sides together and sew the two pieces together, leaving the bottom edges unsewn so you can turn it right side out.


Hem as desired.  You can turn both finished bottom edges toward each other and sew together or fold both pieces into a rolled hem, depending on the thickness of your fabric.  Uses about 4 yards?  Use wool/thick cotton for shell; same for lining for warmth.  You may feel more comfortable in a lighter lining such as muslin or silk.  It’s up to you. 


Here are some pictures from Atira’s Fashions patterns.  You can also skip this whole measuring process and get the Atira’s pattern.  I’m sure there are some lovely hints I haven’t mentioned in the directions.  J


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