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Chalvar or Shalvar directions:


Fabric recommendations:  cotton or silk gauze, muslin, china silk


  1. Cut 2 pieces on the fold, with approximate measurements as in picture 1.  Side measurement is from hip to ankle plus enough for a casing at the top (~ 3 in. for a 1 in. casing) and hem at the ankle (your preference- you could add enough for a little extra fullness as well) Ankle measurement is circumference of your ankle divided by 2. 
  2. Lay out the two pieces as shown in picture 2.  Sew along the dashed lines (crotch of pants).
  3. Lay out the two pieces as shown in picture 3.  Sew along the dashed lines (inside leg seams).
  4. Hem the edges at the ankles and finish the edge (with a serger or zig zag stitch) at the top of the pants.  Fold the top edge down about 1 inches and sew along the edge to make the casing.  Put elastic (about 2 inches or more according to preference shorter than circumference of hip bones or where you want the pants to sit.)

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