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Goth Clothing for your Halloween costume inspiration:  Picture these w/ a bare middle and modified bottom- aka dancable.  Wear w/ Melodia pants and panel or split skirts to mimic the look, etc.  Keep in mind that even though we said "Pirate goth or Sorcoress goth", if you find a costume idea you love, but can't fit it into a theme, don't worry about it. 

This brings me to a good point- look for Halloween costume patterns that can be modified- the top short and the bottom long.  (cut out the middle or have a sheer middle)










http://www.moonmaiden-gothic-clothing.co.uk/moonmaiden-index/gowns/mmg13/mmg13.htm (Karnsy, you were considering Bat)

http://www.moonmaiden-gothic-clothing.co.uk/moonmaiden-index/corsets/veils05_page1.htm (Let's not forget the Black Widow option)

http://www.spookyboutique.com/page1.htm (more for top of top picture)

http://www.spookyboutique.com/page1.htm (I of course wouldn't want you to be raunchy like these pictures, but there is the devil goth option- horns, tail, fishnet sleeves/gauntlets)

http://www.hottopic.com/store/product.asp?LS=0&ITEM=227426&RN=432 (interesting possibilities)

http://www.simplicity.com/index.cfm?page=hallo029.html (click on the Tink costume and it takes you to a dark angel type costume that is a possibility, modified; also consider dark fairy, spider creature woman, ...) 

http://www.simplicity.com/index.cfm?page=hallo030.html (several modified variations when you click on the girl pirate, and the lady in the top left). 



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