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Mughal girl    Close up of upper body   

If you have any thoughts about where these lines seem to begin and end please let me know.  Is this a choli under a sheer garment that is fitted at the top and flows out at the bottom?  The shading seems to indicate that...  Or is it just one sheer garment (the sleeves could indicate that)?  It looks like there is a piece of jewelry between the breasts, though it looks like the piece starts there and has a larger piece hanging from it as if it is a pin.  Or, it could be an opening in the garment and the oval is a separate piece.  Then there is a dark line over one of the breasts that could also be what the bottom jewelry piece is hanging from...  You may not be able to see it on the screen since it is very subtle, but the shading that makes me think there is a choli underneath seems to have a neckline that ends right where this line starts; so if it is a line that holds jewelry, it could be attached to the choli somehow.  Given the description in the book it came from (Women of Islam from Medieval to Modern Times by Wiebke Walther), it may just be a choli and a skirt that sits very high.  The dark line at the top could be the neckline of the garment, which makes me think that it is one big piece over a choli and pants.  However, that could also be a necklace.  I'm afraid that some of the paint is missing from this, so knowing exactly how it's put together may just continue to haunt me.  If you have seen something similar that has clearer lines, please contact me at Narah@adelphia.net .

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