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  1. Increased fitness <<Click here>>
    • Bellydance increases your aerobic capacity as well as your strength.

    • It is low to virtually no impact, so it is great exercise for those with joint problems.

    • Will it help you lose weight? See the FAQ’s below.

  2. Reduced stress level <<Click here>>
    • Because bellydance is a form of exercise, provides socialization, and is extremely fun, bellydance can reduce your stress level.

    •  By taking a class or even dancing by yourself at home, you are choosing to take care of yourself.

    • Many bellydance students remark at how much negative energy bellydance burns off.

    • This helps you maintain a positive outlook, which is essential to reducing/ managing stress levels.

  3. Increased confidence <<Click here>>
    • Bellydance brings self-acceptance by realizing that your body is beautiful, whatever the shape. It moves beautifully, and is beautiful.
    • In Tribal bellydance, we dance in a group, and create a bond.
    • You make eye contact with your fellow dancers and are able to do so more in the general world.
    • Bellydance is also great for increasing coordination and balance, which can lead to greater confidence.
  4. Greater cultural awareness <<Click here>>
    • Because bellydance comes from so many countries, you learn about culture more readily through your bellydance teacher or by a spark of inspiration to research it for yourself.
  5. See the description of this documentary, Tribal Style, to give you more of an idea of what bellydance can bring to your life:  http://www.igctribalstyle.net/intro.html 
  6. And to really see, hear and feel what bellydance can do for you, see these video clips:  http://www.igctribalstyle.net/sneakpeek.html 

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