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Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Technical Foundation Volume 1

Experienced and dedicated bellydancers, Narah & Jala are sisters through blood and by Belly Dance. Tribal fusion Belly Dance is earthy, grounded, and draws from several Belly Dance & World Dance forms.

On this DVD, Narah & Jala take you step-by-step through the technique that will help you set a solid foundation in Tribal Fusion Bellydance. The key to becoming a beautifully strong dancer is to set and maintain a strong foundation.

The detailed instruction and methods presented help all types of learners, which makes this DVD an ideal companion to your home practice. Because precise technique plays such a significant part in a powerful presentation, one must always return to the technical foundation, making this DVD appropriate for everyone from the absolute beginner to the conscientious professional.

1:02 minutes


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